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Similar to a Clinical Research Organization (CRO), a Data Research Organization (DRO) helps organizations plan, coordinate, execute, and supervise the processes involved in the collection, curation and analysis of healthcare data for studies.

Studies are used for research, analytics, product development, and service delivery.

Data Sourcing

Identify datasets that meet your organization's business objectives. Combining the right data, in the right way to create value is a core focus for ADS.  Healthcare data sources vary widely from large aggregators of claims and clinical data to smaller companies that generate unique data collections through healthcare operations, and everything in between. Our experts guide you to identify the best partners and data sources for your requirements.

Data Diligence

ADS services include data diligence which is an investigation into datasets to determine quality, relevance and applicability for specific use cases, including the ability to pool data with other datasets.  Data diligence can be conducted on a standalone basis or as part of a larger project.

Data License Agreements
& Partnerships

A well-structured data license and partnership agreement is the foundation for a successful growth strategy that uses external data or licenses internal data to a third party.

Data Utilization

Realize the full value of your data set by matching it with the right use cases. ADS brings a detailed understanding of the data context and broad knowledge of customer requirements. We can also apply the right AI and data science tools for curating your data.

& Growth Strategies

Business success depends on designing a coherent, effective strategy that combines organizational strengths with market needs. This is especially important in a challenging domain like healthcare. Our principals have decades of experience with business and technology. They can guide you to identify growth opportunities that are aligned with industry trends and uniquely suited to your capabilities.

Focus Industries

  • Health Systems

  • Healthcare Data Analytics

  • Digital Health

  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

  • Medical Devices

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